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Supisara Suwannachat
Viliporn Runkawatt
Namfon Waithayawongkorn
Piyapruek Prueksachat


This study aimed to conclude overview of researches of Boromarajonani College of Nursing Nakhon Ratchasima on the basis of research type, research form, research issue based on field of study in the health service system, and research issue in accordance with care-taking in the health service system. Population in this study consisted of 145 research papers of instructors and personnel at Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Nakhon Ratchasima. It was conducted during 2007 2016. Results of the study were as follows:

1. Less than one-half (63 papers or 31.98 %) were descriptive research and only 15 papers (7.61%) were quasi-experimental research. Most of the research employed descriptive statistics i.e. mean and standard deviation, and inferential statistics was employed. Besides, t-test was used for testing the difference. Pearson Product Moment Correlation was employed in 23 research papers (11.68%).

2. Regarding research form, it was found that the research papers were mostly related to research in the community (45 papers or 30.26%) and authentic assessment was employed. This was followed by classroom research (45 papers or 29.61 %). The teaching and learning strategies comprised the following: the teaching and learning facilitation was based on problem-base, research-base, and student practice in simulation.

3. Regarding field of the study in the health service system, it was mostly related to mental health and psychiatry (26 papers or 42.62%). This was followed by the elderly (25 papers or 40.38%) and chronic disease (12 papers or 19.67%).

4. Regarding care-taking in the health service system, it was found that most of the researches focused on health promotion and disease prevention (45 papers or 40.18%) , it was conducted with the elderly group (26.79%).

The results of this study can be used to encourage the faculties to do clinical and community researches which involved Service Plan and Excellence Center. To contribute a utilization of research finding for health policy making and the best practice for community development in the regional 9.

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