• Porntida Visaetsilapanonta Department of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mahidol University
Keywords: university social responsibility, impact to students


This research aimed to study students' impact from the university social responsibility and to study the factors that affect the student impact of the university social responsibility. This research was qualitative research by in-depth interview key informants who related operation about university social responsibility. Case study two universities which were social responsibility more than five years and to announced to university policy. Key informants included: lecturers who are responsible for the university responsibility projects, personnel, and students. Research tool was an interview and analyzed data using content analysis by classification.

The research results found that university case study carries out University Social Responsibility (USR) through the extra-curricular activities such as the volunteer spirit projects more than teaching and learning activities. The impact of USR activities on students was as follows; the knowledge, understanding, and attitude associated with different social responsibilities; life skills development such as leadership, volunteerism, civic engagement;
career development including a network of students and institutes.

The factors related to driving of USR that affect students including corporate policy; understanding the context of society; USR was compliance based on assessment criteria for university quality assurance; designing learning activities; the commitment of all personnel; and social communication. Research recommendations were to understanding the concept and set of USR policy into the procedure of university by considering both internal and external stakeholders; designing learning activities according to student-centered and context through community participation.