• Sirirat Sripattarangkul, MNS Boromarajonani College of Nursing Nakhon Lampang
  • Thaworn Lorga, PhD Boromarajonani College of Nursing Nakhon Lampang
Keywords: Five Energies of Learning, Buddhism, Nursing Students


Rationale of the study: The Buddhist Five Energies of Learning consisting of Faith, Wisdom (Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Refinement and Knowledge Utilisation), Persistence, Concentration, and Mindfulness. This framework of learning is culturally meaningful for Buddhist followers. However, the use of this framework in nursing education and in a wider predominantly Buddhist Thai society is very limited.

Research Objective: We assessed nursing students five energies of learning as baseline data for student development purpose.

Methods: We asked three cohorts of the first year nursing students in 2015, 2016 and 2017 (144, 154 and 177, 475 total), respectively to rate their five energies during the first week of their enrolment in a nursing college using a 32-item, 5-point Likert scale of Five Energies of Learning. Descriptive analysis was performed.

Results: The mean scores of faith, Wisdoms (Wisdom: knowledge acquisition, knowledge refinement, knowledge utilization), that are Wisdom1 by listening studying (Wise Wisdom), Wisdom2 by invigorating thought (Jin's wisdom) and Wisdom3 by mental training growth (Pray for wisdom), persistence, concentration and mindfulness were 4.03 (SD 0.38), 3.68 (SD 0.54), 3.62(SD 0.64), 3.54(SD 0.55), 3.91(SD 0.72), 3.29(SD 0.9) and 3.97(SD 0.86) respectively. We identified three levels of performance of those about, level C: to be improved (? 3.49) 6.7%, 35.6%, 29.7%, 45.9%, 27.4%, 60.8%, 22.3% level B: Good (3.50 3.99) 35.8%, 25.1%, 27.2%, 27.4%, 0%, 0%, 10.7% and level A: high performance (4.00 5.00) 57.5%, 35.6%, 43.2%, 26.7%, 72.6%, 39.2% and 69.6% of newly enrolled students with high level of mindfulness, Persistence and faith, Of note of the students had a low to moderate level of concentration and wisdom (pray and wise wisdom).

Conclusion and recommendation: The first year nursing student cohorts were relatively well equipped with faith, mindfulness and Persistence. However, some aspects of learning energies needed to be improved such as persistence and concentration that may be concern with a new problem with in 21st century.