• Nanchaya Sornkla Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Surin
Keywords: Nurse, Nurse Policy, Nurse Profession


The aims of this opinion survey were to determine opinion of nurses toward on supporting factors contributing to nurses roles. Supporting factors in this study composed of policy, environment, and nurses competency. Survey was conducted with nurses working at primary care unit. Self-administered questionnaire was developed by reviews literatures and was sent to three experts for determined the validity of the questionnaire. After revised, questionnaire was tried out with 30 nurses before used collected the data. Descriptive statistics was utilized for described the findings.

The findings were as followed. Majority of participants were age between 31-40 years old, female, bachelor degree in nursing and worked as a nurse for more than 10 years. Regarding to supporting factors that can contributing to nurses role on policy factors, participants stated that nurses should be more participants on identify the accessibility ways for nurses to launched the policy (M=3.42, SD = .90). Moreover, nurses should be plan or develop health database that executive can use for make a decision on policy launching (M=3.33, SD = 0.89). Regarding to the environment factors, participants stated that nurses should develop or participate program and evaluate any program that have impact from environment (M=3.50, SD = 0.67). Moreover, nurses should develop or participate in any program that modified the lifestyle of people leading to the satisfaction on their working life (M = 3.50, SD = 0.67). Regarding to the nurses competency factors, participants stated the significant factors that contributing to nurses roles was interprofessional skills (M=3.92, SD = 0.51) and have a characteristics of positive thinking, humor, and happy (M= 3.92, SD = 0.51).

Findings from this study were useful for policy makers and nurses themselves. In order to make nurses more profession, nurses should be more participative in policy launching. Moreover, to make nurse more professional, nurses themselves should have good behave.

Further study should be conducted is survey with the aim of to determine the opinion of nurses who working at secondary care level and tertiary care level. Moreover, nursing students who become nurse in the future should be study their opinion toward on nurse profession.