• Supitra Selavattanakul Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Surin
Keywords: Nurse, Nurse profession, Nurse development


The aims of this opinion survey were to determine nurses opinion toward on required factors that has an impact to the development of nursing professionals. Survey was conducted with nurses working at primary care unit. Questionnaire was developed by reviews literatures and was sent to three experts for determined the validity of the questionnaire. After revised before used collected the data, questionnaire was tried out with 30 nurses in which the Cronbachs alpha coefficient was .91. Descriptive statistics was utilized for described the findings.

The findings were as followed. Majority of participants were age between 31-40 years old, female, bachelor degree in nursing and worked as a nurse for more than 10 years. Regarding to required factors that have an impact to the development of nursing profession, they stated that good attitude toward on nursing profession and role model were quite important (M=3.75, SD=0.45; M=3.75, SD = 0.62). Significant factors were from the nursing role which were nurses have to use media as a means for promoting health practice (M=4.17, SD = 0.72); followed by teach and inform people for to perform health behaviors (M=4.00, SD = 0.60). Regarding to the health management, they stated that nurses have to plan for promoting health (M=3.75, SD = 0.62). More importantly, nurses have to motivate people to get involve in health behaviors (M=3.92, SD =0.51). Least required factor was conducted research aiming for promoting health (M=3.08, SD = 1.00).

Findings from this study were useful for policy makers to implement in order to make nursing professional more advancing. Moreover, nursing college can utilize the findings for changing the nursing curriculum to make it fit with the current situations. Further study is determining the opinion of nurses who working at secondary care level and tertiary care level toward on the required factors that have an impact on the development of nursing profession.