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Nutnicha Kumpala, MSN.
Prissana Naunboonruang, DSN.
Thaworn Lorga, Ph.D.
Sunee Hanyuthapong, BSN.


Introduction: Becoming a new mother, teenagers may confuse between their teenage roles and maternal roles leading to conflict and anxiety. Sometimes teenage mothers could not achieve their roles. Family support may be a benefit for the well-being of teenage mothers. However, there are a limit number of studies about the correlation between family support and well-being of teenage mothers.

Objectives: To determine the correlation between family support and well-being of teenage mothers.

Methods: this correlational study design was conducted between during January- August 2017. All 80 teenage mothers were contacted and asked to fill out the questionnaires and then mailed back to the authors. The Family Support and Well-being Questionnaires were developed and validated. Cronbach's alpha reliabilities were .881 and .764 respectively.

Results: the results showed that an average score of teenage mothers ages was 18.34 years. All teenage mothers received family and social support at good level (x = 2.83, SD = .48), and a mean score of the well-being of teenage mothers at good level (x = 2. 98, SD = . 38). Correlation between family support and well-being was positively significant and at high level (r = .73, p <.01).

Conclusion and Suggestion: family support and well-being of teenage mothers was significantly positive correlate at a high level. Providing high family support could help wellbeing of teenage mothers.

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