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Prissana Naunboonruang, RN., DSN.
Thaworn Lorga, RN., PhD.
Siripan Supong, R.N., BSN.


Introduction: Postpartum is a period after childbirth that mothers need to develop and adapt themselves to take care of their babies. Health literacy after delivery is a crucial element to help mothers especially teen mothers. However, there is a limit number of health literacy studies in teen- mothers.

Objectives: To describe postpartum health literacy among teen-postpartum mothers in Lampang province, Thailand.

Methods: A descriptive study was conducted during January, 2016-August, 2017. All 126 teenmothers were contacted and asked to fill out the questionnaires and mailed back. The Postpartum Health Literacy for Teen Mother Questionnaire was developed and validated. Cronbach alpha reliabilities were .87 and .81 for postpartum knowledge and understanding part and postpartum behaviors part respectively.

Results: the results showed that teen mothers had a mean score in the part of postpartum knowledge and understanding at good level (x = 3.02, SD = .45), and a mean score in the part of postpartum practices at good level (x = 2.98, SD = .38). For the means score of postpartum knowledge and understanding, there were no significant differences between the groups of teen mothers who received and not receive the advice from their parent. For the means score of the postpartum practices part, teen mothers who received advice from their parents had significantly higher of the mean score than who did not receive guidance from their parents (p < .05).

Conclusion and Suggestion: teen mothers had postpartum knowledge and understanding about how to take care themselves and their babies very well. However, teen mothers who received advice from their parents had higher postpartum practices than who did not receive the advice. Therefore, parent support or family support could help the well-being of teen postpartum mothers.

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