• Korawan Kritworakarn Faculty of Mass Communication, Chiang Mai University
  • Natthapon Kanchasin Graduate school of Chiang Mai University
Keywords: Creating social Space, image, homosexual group, verbal and nonverbal communication, group in the university


Chiang Mai University is the first regional university in Thailand which has been trusted for over 50 years. The number of students interested in studying is increasing and more diverse, respectively. There are more numbers of homosexual students every year and continuously. Homosexual students have developed the area and creating acceptance in other gender groups periodically. Ultimately, the homosexuals are able to live their lives in university and go to their careers confidently. This study aims to know and understand the pattern of creating social space, creating an image of a homosexual group in Chiang Mai University by using in-depth interviews and participant observations collected data from homosexuals and former Chiang Mai University students and university personnel staff. The study indicated the Integration of homosexual students in Chiang Mai University from the past to the present, creating a social space for their groups until can negotiate and play a strong social role in the university. They show the identity of a sexual through the creation of the network by putting together activities on campus to attract people outside of the group. Homosexual members use senior positions for raising the level of social space and create a strong image of factors affecting image creation. Homosexual groups created an image through verbal and nonverbal communication through interpersonal communication and activity creation for creating group image which gives both positive and negative results. As for the reflection of the image of homosexuals from the university personnel found consistency about the image of the homosexual group that has both positive and negative aspects. There is a construction of a strong image from generation to generation by using the power to create activities to support social spaces in the university. As for the negative image, it was found that physical violence was used. And the mind in doing activities that are outside the power and scope of management of the university Using impolite language and dress. In addition, niggas need social space to create acceptance after graduation which can be seen in building relationships in the workplace, cultural space in the activities of the university that are still returning to do activities for the juniors to keep on the way to construct an image.