• Evi Hasnita Health Science Collage Fort De Kock (STIKes Fort De Kock)
  • Neila Sulung Health Science Collage Fort De Kock (STIKes Fort De Kock)
  • Mila Sari Health Science Collage Fort De Kock (STIKes Fort De Kock)
Keywords: wasting, malnutrition, thin nutrition


Background: Wasting is a condition of acute lack of nutrition where the weight of a toddler does not correspond to height or Zscore value of more than <-3 SD to <-2SD. The target of reducing the wasting rate in the world is 7.8% with a 2025 achievement target of 5% which requires a reduction of 40% from now. The general objective of this study was to obtain a description, analysis and interpretation of the incidence of wasting in children under five (059 months) in Pasaman and Bukittinggi City in 2019.

Method: This research is an analytic survey research with case-control design with mixed methods. The study was conducted at the Puskesmas of Pasaman Regency and Bukittinggi City, in May-June 2019. Quantitative sample of 216 Intake. Data analysis was carried out through three stages, namely univariate and bivariate chi-square test.

Results: Statistical test results showed that there was a significant relationship between the incidence of wasting with maternal education (0,000, OR 5,447), maternal age at delivery (0.020, OR 2,273), infectious diseases (0.025, OR 2,526) in Pasaman Regency and there was a significant among wasting events with maternal education (0.026, OR 2.739), maternal age at delivery (0.038, OR 2,627), infectious diseases (0.027, OR 2,681) in Bukittinggi City. The problem of lack of human resources in this case nutrition workers causes a lack of information about the importance of nutrition, especially wasting obtained by mothers of children under five.

Conclusion: The results of research on the influence of food diversity and the provision of MP-ASI to children under five with wasting events, so it is suggested for the health department to be more active in promoting and preventive about the importance of food diversity and providing MP-ASI for toddlers in Pasaman Regency and Bukittinggi City.