Preparing for the 1st Annual Conference
Schedule almost complete; new events added

The conference committee is currently working on the final version of the schedule for the conference. Around 130 abstracts were submitted. Participants from eleven countries have registered.

If you plan to attend the conference, please make sur you register using the website You may pay online using PayPal or pay cash when you arrive, but either way, registering online is important so that we can prepare for your arrival. By pre-registering, you can secure your place at the banquet.

In addition to registering, make sure you reserve your hotel room. Rooms at the Hoam Hotel are filling up quickly. For more information about your hotel options, see

In addition to the scheduled sessions, tutorials on big data and web surveys, and a research institute tour, there will now be three colloquia on Thursday morning. The topics include science communication, big data (with a presentation by Treum, a company that analyzes social media), and political/election polling. These events will provide a networking opportunity for participants as well as being interesting and informative.

Space is limited, so anyone interested in attending one of these colloquia should register by emailing

See you in Seoul! November 21-23, 2013

Member News

Tassanee Krirkgulthorn, an ANPOR member and one of the AJPOR coordinators, has recently been appointed Director of Boromarajonani College of Nursing at Nakorn Rachasima, Thailand. Congratulations, Tassanee!

Two new members will be representing their countries on the ANPOR council: M Saidul Haq from Bangladesh and Pradeep Peiris from Sri Lanka. Welcome, both of you!

More than Just Papers

AJPOR is seeking submissions of book reviews, poll reviews, and research notes

The first issue of the Asian Journal of Public Opinion Research will be published very soon! In the meantime, we are already accepting submissions for future issues. Of course, you already know that we’re looking for papers, but did you know that AJPOR will include more than just papers?

Have you recently read (or written!) any books related to public opinion research in Asia? Do you think other ANPOR members might want to read it? If so, it’s likely a good candidate for our book review section! You can submit a review of a book you have read or tell us the title/author of a book you feel should be reviewed and we will find a reviewer. Don’t be shy about telling us if you’ve written a book! We’d love to review it to let our members know about it!

Have you been conducting polls or long term research? Are you getting interesting results, but don’t feel they warrant a full paper yet? A poll review or research note may be perfect for you, then! These brief notes let you update us on your work.

Also, let us know about excellent research published in your language.

All submissions/suggestions should be emailed to

Remember to register for the conference:

President: Sung Kyum Cho

Vice President & AJPOR & Conference Committee Chair: Jantima Kheokao

Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Chung

General Secretary: Winnie Lee

AJPOR Editor-in-Chief: Takashi Inoguchi

Executive Secretary to the Conference Committee & Journal Coordinator: Sarah LoCascio

Journal Coordinator: Tassanee Krirkgulthorn